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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 14, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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catch by the fisherman who snatched it. this is "way too early." hey, everybody. good morning i'm thomas. it's monday, july 14th. welcome to "way too early." the show that doesn't like to swim in deep water because of fish like that zplch! >> we'll talk about the fisherman that got him and why he doesn't go cleanly into the record books. we lead off the celebration and the heartbreak yesterday in rio. it was a stunning goal with 7:00 to go until a penalty shootout giving germany the fourth world cup championship! and the first trophy since 1990. on the argue teen side another request was put on hold as well as the coronation as messi as
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one of the grayest players of all time. winning the golden ball has a consolation prize. we'll have more highlights for you coming up ahead in sports. stick around. we want to start this morning with the middle east where thousands of palestinians a heeding the advise of israel and evacuating their homes. the ub said about 17,000 palestinians have reached shelters. even though leaders of hamas urge them not to leave northern gaza. they warned them by leaflets and phone calls. despite international calls for a ceasefire, both sides seem reluctant to embrace a peaceful solution. yesterday more than 130 rockets were fired out of gaza into israel. 22 were intercepted by the iron dome system. gaza officials say more than 150 palestinians have been killed since the conflict began last week. it has been an uphill battle for president obama to convince
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congress and state politicians to follow his course of action to fix the situation on the southern border. the new head of the health and human services group trying to jam up support meeting with privately with governors as they prep for the impact of the absorbing thousands of people who have fled to the u.s. and in their states. but governor rick perry of texas has repeatedly slammed the nearly $4 billion calling for the national guard to be deployed. and many governors and members of congress are unconvinced. democrats and republicans are making impassioned, sometimes provocative arguments about what to do with the law passed under the bush administration that slows the deportation of undocumented children. >> i was down there on the border, unlike the president i saw these children. it's heart wrenching as a father to see that. mothers with their babies. i also some 17-year-olds that i thought looked more like a threat coming into the united states. the fact is, until, you know,
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they're caught in the middle. they're the victims caught in the middle between the administration's policies and what the drug traffickers are doing. we think we change a message of deterrence we can protect and save the children. >> louis from texas who hasn't ever seen an immigrant he hasn't thought was bringing disease to the country and went on the floor this week to compare the invasion of children into our incursion into mexico. to our reaching the beaches of normandy. they put it in these terms. they voted if are the 2002 and 2008 law that said protect. when they there were calmer times, level-headed people thinking about the issue. we put the children's interests first. >> maryland's governor and potential 2016 contender martin o'malley is on record. telling reporters that the national governor's meeting, quote, we're not a country that should send children away and send them back to certain death.
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i believe we should be guided by the greatest power we have as a people and it's the power of our principles. that puts into the left of potential 2016 frontrunner hillary clinton who said last month the u.s. must, quote, send a clear message because your child gets across the border doesn't mean your child gets to stay. unlike clinton, o'malley has been outspoken about his run in 2016. he's been testing his message in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. he's scheduled to visit nebraska later this month and mississippi next month. on the other side, the republican primary for 2016 might be getting an early start as well. governor rick perry published in the saturday washington post criticizing rand paul's stance on iraq isolationist. he wrote in part, quote, president obama's policy lead us to the dangerous point in syria and israel.
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but paul's brand would compound the threat of terrorism even further. he spoke about it on face the nation. >> i disagree with senator paul's representation of what america should be doing. and america can no longer come back on to the continental united states and draw a red line around the shore of america and think that we're somehow not going to be impacted. >> rand paul is responding in politico this morning saying the texas governor is mischaracterizing his position. he writes there are many things i like about texas governor rick perry including his stance on the tenth amendment to the constitution. apparently his new glasses have altered his perception of the world. paul criticizing perry for sending troops back to iraq. quote, i asked governor perry how many americans should send their sons or daughters to die for a foreign country, a nation the iraqis won't defend for
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themselves. how many texas mothers and fathers will governor perry asking to send their children to fight in iraq. will not hold my breath for an answer. perhaps it's time we finally retire that pa jortive. sarah palin ruffled feathers last week when she suggests the president should be impeached. eric holder responded leaving little to the imagination about how he felt. >> enough is enough from the years of abuse from the president. the unsecured border crisis, for me is the last straw. it makes a battered wife thing. that's enough! it's time to impeach. >> she wasn't a particularly vice presidential candidate. she's an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why. >> as we reported last week, house speaker john boehner said he doesn't agree with those calling for. the president's impeachment.
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we'll look to build off friday's close. the second quarter earning seasons picking up this week. steve, good morning. >> i come back from lisbon over the weekend. it's the capital of portugal. thursday the markets fell. worries about european debt. this week about earnings and the banking sector can come up with good figures. we had wells fargo on friday. mortgage wasn't great. today citigroup, storm jpmorgan and wednesday bank of america and general election reporting on friday. elsewhere we deal with monday morning. we don't know the numbers. we think it's around $4.1 million for lindt to buy over. it will potentially make it the third largest chocolate maker in the united states. they will keep the headquarters in kansas city. >> it's an interesting combination of two brands.
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souther bees and ebay are teaming up. what's going on with them? >> it's simple. a lot of people vague south bee's -- you need a strong online strategy. ebay has 145 million customers. the idea of combining them. it's not brand new. it's streaming on some final auctions. trying to get the ebay customers into a fine art which is a market worth $66 million could be interesting. if we can get the ebay people interested in fine art. who knows what it means in the 21 st century. >> we'll see if the customers can intermix. thank you. an interview with pope francis about sexual abuse in the church is turning his. the pontiff is quoted that perhaps 1 in 50 of the clerg gi are pedophiles. the abuse of children is like
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the lep si and while the vatican is reportedly taking issue with some of the quotes that the paper ran, the pope said that the church must deal with the problem with, quote, the severity it demands. this morning a massive operation underway off the coast of italy to salvage the cruise ship coast concordia. it killed 32 people on board two years ago. crews began the process of refloating the wreck. using massive tanks to create air pockets. once afloat the boat will be tugged 150 miles north where it will be scrapped. the captain of the boat, francesco is a tee know is speaking out. he puts the blame on the he helmsmen. he admits the ship went off course but he ordered them to turn left and instead they turned right. he's facing multiple charges
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including manslaughter and abandoning the vessel before passengers. big news in sports. we'll bring you the highlights from germany's world cup victory and the part of the match that you might have missed when lebron james did not. >> you never know what the vice president is going -- >> i probably shouldn't say this but then again i'm joe biden. >> yes, you are, sir. that story and a check on weather. our twitter question for you. christopher walken has been tapped to play captain hook in the musical replay of peter pan. we want to know who else should star in the broadcast. what others would you like to see cast? who, who? something for the peanut gallery over here that i don't know if i can repeat. use the #way too early. it wasn't jen.
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jen is in a mood today. just so you know. jen is kind of i don't know what is going on with her today. stick around and we'll figure it out. the new yorker magazine is famous for the cover over the years. it became instantly famous during the course of the day. a whole lot of people didn't find anything funny or artful about it. including both presidential candidates.
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movie night. i get 2x the pwith my citi thankyou card.nd teveryone wins.staurants you mean you win. yes i do. the citi thankyou preferred card earn two times the thankyou points with no annual fee. to apply, go to time for sports. who major power houses in soccer meeting up. germany and argentina closing up in brazil. gorgeous. argentina looking the more
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dangerous team. a misplay by germany sets up an open. but the shot goes wide. in the 31 st minute messi setting up the teammates for a beautiful loss and it looks like it takes a 1-0 lead. the ref call it is back. germany with a couple close ones. hits the post. has a chance to go in but the argue teen that goalie jumps on it. it remains deadlocked. with 7:00 left in the extra period it seems like it's going to come to a shootout. but 22-year-old nets the most meaningful goal for the year for germany. it ends up being the game winner. defeating argentina 1-0 and despite the loss messi is awarded the golden ball. the honor is a consolation for him. nor for the people of argentina.
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violence broke out in downtown buy knows heiress after of the match as fans were clashing with riot police. a big let down. switch gears to nba free agency. carmelo anthony remain with the knicks. he announced on the website yesterday knicks general manager said anthony has taken the less than maximum contract in order to give the team more flexibility. the deal is reportedly worth between 129 and $122 million. very nice of you. it started with lebron james announcing the return to cleveland. a little wiggle room. >> fjust a little. we have five time olympics swimming gold medallist confirms he's gay in a tv interview aired
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yesterday. >> i'm not straight. >> you're not? >> and this is finally something that very recently we're talking in the past two weeks i've been comfortable telling the closest people around me. >> thorpe who long denied any rumors that he was gay ends the years of speculation about his sexuality. let's switch zbegears and welcome back to bill! she he's been away on vacation. you were extra chipper on "first look." >> i'll be salty again. >> it'll wear you long. welcome back. we missed you. >> a little bit of break from the summer heat. well advertised cool down for some. and it's not bad. middle of the summer from vacation and the great lakes. you don't want a chilly week for the beach time. we watch the air conditioners
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get a break. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average. which is good in the summer. ahead of this we get a lot of bad storms. these numbers had a lot of numbers on the map. the red numbers show you where we should be. the white whether it's going to be. minneapolis 64. it's like a springtime feel for you. and tomorrow is when the cool air arrives in chicago. a high of only 70 in chicago in the middle of the summer doesn't happen that often. that's why it's unusual. when you get in an unusual weather pattern there are consequences ahead of it is going to be severe weather. not so bad today in detroit. we'll get some storms but not the severe stuff. and notice, detroit, you're cool through friday. it's ahead of this. a lot of bad weather in the ohio river. louisville area getting drenched in southern indiana. this will work the way into the ohio valley and all the way through the northeast and mid atlantic. 80 million people at risk of
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severe storms today including new york city, d.c., philadelphia, baltimore. not worried about tornados or hail. a lot of wind damage and lightning with the storms. airport delays will be plentiful late this afternoon. and also for the southeast you'll have your typically scattered tomorrows. we could be 100 today in dallas. not everyone is cooling off. still very hot there. thomas, in the east, if you have travel at the airports today or tomorrow, expect a lot of delays. especially in the afternoons. big storms. >> okay. best part of the vacation was? >> my son and daughter catching a fish! and the smile on their faces made the 100 worms i sacrificed worth it. >> how many worms have to die for your children to catch fish. we'll talk about that in the commercial break. >> donny is here! >> i love donny! >> everything is better when bill is back. >> isn't it? it's like everything. >> the world is a better place. coming up at the top of the hour "on morning joe."
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so earlier in the show we recapped germany's defeat yesterday. a warding the germans the world cup ever and the fins since 1990. 22-year-old mario gotze his game winning goal was significant in more ways than one. it was the 171 goal of the tournament which tied france in 1998 for any goals in the history. it was the fourth goal scored in the 90 minute or later. let's check with lewis who fill us in. >> good morning. let's get to the part of the world cup you probably didn't see. the streaker which early reports claim is youtube prank steer.
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he managed to run across the player and tried to kiss a german player. it was lebron james of all people who caught the crazy moment and posted it on instagram account. >> they try not to give the crazy streakers much attention. but king james put it out there on social media. now that guy is famous. >> king james should be a journalist. vice president biden gave the nation's governors a bit of a scare when he prefaced said maybe i shouldn't say this. it turns out he was imploring, quote, lead us out of the mess we're in. >> there's always been very, very tough politics in washington. i got there when there was still some of the olded segregationists still there. but it never got to where it is today. it was never personal. you folks, the democratic
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republican governors are the best hope we have to bring them back an atmosphere where we can disagree without being zree disagreeable. to a california man's catch of a lifetime. check it out. it's a 76-year-old jack mcquire standing next to a 482-pound halibut. it's bigger than he is! he hooked it on vacation in alaska over the weekend. the catch is enough to set a record. because the halibut was shot and harpooned it was disqualified. >> how else are you supposed to get it in the boat? >> i don't know. you have to get a crane to get it in the boat. that means the 459-pounder caught in '96 hold the record. as far as fish stories go, it's not bad. >> it's a huge fish. >> better than the fish that bill's kids caught maybe. >> just a little bit. a couple of pound but not by much. earlier in the show we told
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you that christopher walken is going to play captain hook. we asked who else should join the cast. we have some of the funny responses we got this morning. >> one of the viewer said you can play jon the middle child. we did a side by side to take a look. looks pretty accurate. >> yep. that hurt. we thank russell for his classes. >> he was blind for a few minute s. and then heather said stephen colbert could play the professor on live action version of the powdered puff girls. not necessarily related but accurate. >> maybe i can play stephen colbert with glasses. and mika is here with "morning joe" moments away. you know it's going to be a good monday now! they're irresistabowl... completely unbelievabowl... totally delectabowl.
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and it's mario gshsotze the world cup for it's his 11th goal for germany. he will never, ever score a more valuable one. >> wow. good morning, everyone. it is monday, july 14th. did you all watch the match? >> i did. >> i know my family was. welcome to "morning joe." on set donny deutsche, chairman of deutsche incorporated. >> this doubles as a jacket and picnic table. >> that's a good point. i'll use that later. >> smart buy. >> donny is looking very handsome today and what can i say about that? so you are. the editorial of the


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